Marriott Resort of Dong Ao Island-Zhuhai

Project name: Marriott Resort of Dong Ao Island-Zhuhai

Project location: Dongao Island, Wanshan District, Zhuhai City

Project size: The construction area is about 40,000 square meters

Project budget: Furniture awarded 3509633 USD

Project start and finish dates: It starts in March 2022 and ends in June 2024

Harman’s roles: Guestroom & Public Area Movable furniture & Build-in Furniture

Project Details

Since March 2022, Harman began to provide Marriott Hotel with high-end customized resort hotels furniture services.During the contract period, Harman Furniture Co., Ltd. is responsible for the joinery furniture &movable furniture design, production and installation in 258 rooms and key public areas such as halls,conference rooms and swimming pools.

This Island Resort Hotel still on going in fine decoration. By the end of 2023, Harman already finish Marriott Fixed furniture part, most of the Wallpaper, wall panel, door, ceiling, reception desk of the lobby, Wardrobe, Kitchen cabinet, washroom Basin, mirror, and other build-in furniture already finished.

At present, the production of the Bespoke furniture will be completed soon, and the quality inspection Department will check the quality of the furniture one by one to ensure that all the furniture meets the high-end customization needs of customers. You can see that the bed, sofa, chair, bench, chaise, lounge chair, bar stool, table and so on that have been produced by the factory are neatly placed in the quality inspection workshop. All custom furniture will be transported to the Marriott resort site in early 2024, and Harman’s on-site placement team of more than 200 people will be arranged to place all loose furniture in the appropriate position.

1.In accordance with the contract agreement, according to the drawings, provide the customer with the supply of Marriott Resort loose furniture and Fixed furniture items in the location specified by the customer during the contract period.It should include furniture name, specification, style, quantity, unit price, raw materials and other detailed attachment table.
2.According to the specific requirements of customer customized furniture, furniture deepening diagram is made.
3.Responsible for the quality control of finished furniture, and complete the production, delivery and placement of related work on schedule.

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