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Top 10 Best Hotel Furniture Suppliers in the USA

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When a person stays in a hotel, they first notice the hotel furniture; it is not just used to provide a place for sitting and sleeping. It can play a role as a factor of service; it can make a significant difference in a guest’s feelings while staying at the hotel. The hotel owners must choose suitable hotel furniture suppliers since good furniture makes the hotel look beautiful and inviting.

As much as there is a lot of furniture supply for hotels in the United States, some stand out the most due to quality, design, and service. This paper views the best nine hotel furniture suppliers in the USA. What made them rise to the top of the business, and what products do they offer to help hotels look their best?

What Makes These Suppliers the Best in the Industry?

High-Quality Furniture

The leading hotel furniture suppliers in the USA are known for their commitment to quality. They ensure that each piece has top-grade materials for quality assurance in both durability and appearance. Such attention to detail would allow the hotels to trust that these suppliers could offer them appealing, long-lasting furniture.

Innovative and Trendy Designs

Besides, they are great suppliers because they can innovate and track new design trends. They produce stylish furniture that will change any space in a hotel into a modern and welcoming one. This adaptation to new trends keeps hotels supplied with designs to charm and enhance the aesthetics of the environment with a view of the guests.

Excellent Customer Service

The most preferred suppliers have a commitment to quality service to their customers. They listen to them and, in case of any concern, act as fast as possible to ensure satisfaction in every purchase. A good reputation in the industry brings in long-term working relationships.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is top of the list for many leading suppliers who follow environmentally friendly practices. They use materials that are less harmful to the surroundings and procedures that reduce waste. All these add to the planet’s health and are a selling proposition to hotel owners looking for ways to make their operations greener.

Detailed Overview of Top 9 Hotel Furniture Suppliers

1. Artone Furniture

Artone Furniture is a reputed name that has been around since 1974. It is famous for its artisanship and the power to be the manufacturer of custom hotel solutions. They specialize in hospitality case goods and services with unique and adaptable designs according to the latest market trends.

Artone maintains the level of their furniture to be appealing and relevant, which is why they are preferred by hotels that require personalized style and high standards.

2. Northland Furniture

Founded in 1973, Northland Furniture is proud to be a part of the growing pool of companies that follow its commitment to use only domestically produced materials to make high-quality commercial furniture.

The company targets different facilities, for instance, hotels and timeshares, thus providing them with its furniture, which is offered with the promise of durability with customers’ needs and styles in mind. Their furniture is designed to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry; hence, each piece is practical and stylish.

3. Harman Furnishings

Harman Furnishings is one of the foremost hotel furniture solutions that deliver luxury and hotel customization. The company deals with top-end hotel environments and is famous for its versatile products that enhance its aesthetic appeal and functional features.

Harman Furnishings is synonymous with detail; it has specialized in its specific ability to come up with unique, custom-made furniture in line with the detailed design visions of its clients. Their main concern as luxurious market players assures all their products of sophistication and elegance that befit upscale hotels.

For a hotelier, Harman Furnishings will be the most sought-after company for enhancing and upgrading the interior decoration of the property with quality and luxury.

4. Curve Hospitality

Founded in 2009, Curve Hospitality excels in FF&E procurement and is known to have the best service level. They manage manufacturing in the USA and overseas to provide a complete solution, including custom furniture to upgrade the ambiance of any hotel. It maintains high-quality standards and innovative designs.

5. Sara Hospitality

Sara Hospitality has been designing luxury and contemporary furniture innovations since 2010. They present a pervasive range of exquisitely customized hotel furniture collection packages, embodying refined elegance incorporated with comfort.

Their attention to making beautiful pieces tailored for luxury hotels has made them the preferred supplier in the hospitality industry​.

6. Kimball Hospitality

Sustainable and made-to-order furniture solutions have been the hallmark of Kimball Hospitality for the past three decades. They liaise with brand-specific programs and are committed to manufacturing furniture that is friendly to the environment and the user experience. Kimball Hospitality is a reliable choice for hoteliers considering green furniture solutions with this commitment to quality and sustainability.

7. National Hospitality Supply

With affordability and a wide range of products to choose from, National Hospitality Supply has the potential to offer furniture options for practically any style of hotel on any budget. Their work is to make furniture of good quality available for all the needs a room may have, from guest rooms to public areas.

8. Procure Hospitality

Get top-tiered case goods and soft seating directly sourced from the best factories by Procure Hospitality. It allows them to cut off irrelevant markups and price their goods competitively.

They are also known to get things done quickly and go above and beyond the customer’s desires to satisfy them. So, they are the number one choice of hoteliers who are budget-conscious and quality-focused.

9. Hospitality Furniture

The term hospitality furniture means that it is tailor-made, hard-wearing, and aimed at fulfilling the user needs of a hotel. The company offers complete design services from conceptualization to installation, meaning they develop any project up to a client’s expectation.

They are driven by quality and customer service, making them the leaders in furnishing hotels.

10. RTI Hospitality

Since its inception in 1989, RTI Hospitality has focused on creating custom furniture meant to provide modern luxury for space. They have always worked with a hotelier from design to delivery, providing various innovative furniture pieces inspired by current design trends.

RTI’s commitment to luxury and customized furniture solutions has made it a favorite among upscale hotels and resorts.

Furniture design for hotels is one of the things that have become increasingly more sustainable by the year because many hoteliers want to lessen the blow of their footprint in terms of ecological concern and demand from guests for greener lodging options.

This environmental trend leads furniture suppliers to pursue more responsible practices: using recycled materials, responsibly managed forest woods, and waste- and energy-reducing processes.

For instance, Kimball Hospitality has a reputation for sustainable development in creating furniture with an agenda for sustainable development, ensuring that less harmful materials and processes are used.

Technological Integrations

As technology becomes an intricate part of the daily lifestyle, hotels are developing added technological features for furniture. It goes to the extent of USB ports and charging stations that have been integrated into furniture, using intelligent textiles that can adapt to changes in temperature and even furniture items interfaced with room service and housekeeping through touch panels.

Besides increasing guest convenience, such innovations reduce the operating effort of the hotel and thus make the furniture not part of the decoration but part of the functional element within the technological infrastructure of the hotel room.

Adapting to Modern Hoteliers’ Needs

Suppliers can present solutions for furniture that fit modern hoteliers’ needs and, most importantly, are very flexible about current trends in interior design and functional needs. This flexibility allows hotels to retain their sense of uniqueness in their decorations, attracting guests seeking something new and personalized.

In addition, suppliers like Harman Furnishings particularly have an impact on bringing out opulent and aesthetic pieces to cater to the needs of an uptown market, thus helping hotels provide differentiated, better-quality environments in an otherwise highly competitive industry.

Sustainability, technological integration, and flexibility in the customized solutions that hotel furniture suppliers offer are significant trends necessary to align even more closely with hoteliers’ and guests’ preferences.

In this manner, these trends meet current demands and anticipate future developments in the hospitality sector, ensuring that the suppliers remain at the topmost level of design and innovation.


In conclusion, choosing an appropriate furniture supplier is one of the best ways a hotel can be more appealing and make its premises more comfortable. For this article, we have highlighted leading hotel furniture suppliers in the USA. At the same time, each offers a mixture of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction that sets it ahead of the rest of the market. They meet the functional requirements of new-age hoteliers and fulfill the increased demand for sustainable and technology-incorporated furniture solutions.

They will indicate the present wave and a way forward for a better sustainable ambiance within the hospitality business. An additional benefit to these suppliers is their ability to cater to changing market demands with customizable and flexible furniture options, such that the hotel’s distinctiveness in providing an experience does not go away.

In their opulent designs, technological enhancements, or green practices, these suppliers know and understand what today’s hotelier requires and what tomorrow’s guests will demand.

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