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Top 10 Hotel Public Area Furniture Suppliers in the World

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Picking the best furniture for hotel rooms is not a trivial affair, as not only does it comprise the sheer fact of putting some chairs and some tables there, but also inviting, showing the style of the hotel, and picking items that last. The furniture in places like lobbies and lounges is of great importance; the eyes of many times-watching guests can often figure something out, referring to the place of their stay. When it comes to furniture selection, a hotel must consider its looks, how it feels, and how it works. But that is not everything. Good suppliers offer nice designs, and it’s possible to get some additional customizations. They care for the environment, and their service is excellent, from acquaintance with the offer to the final step of assembling or mounting the item.

This guide looks at the top 10 hotel public area furniture suppliers. What makes each stand out is their offer and perhaps their best projects. These suppliers make hotel spaces better and more guest-friendly.

The key is that a hotel looks best when the right supplier is picked. Whether you do something brand new, redo an old space, or just update things, the knowledge of these best suppliers is super handy.

Overview of Top 10 Hotel Public Area Furniture Suppliers

1. Sara Hospitality

Amongst the reputed market players, which extends to a wide range of custom hotel furniture. More than 300 satisfied clients and 700 projects reflect the experience. Among the range of items are ergonomic chairs, lobby items, and lighting. Their complete design to delivery service and focus on quality make them a preferred choice​​​.

2. Bernhardt Hospitality

The widest array of everything, from seating to outdoor and custom. Aaxiom and Albion are just a few examples of Bernhardt’s great lines, providing diversity and design for inspiration. The firm accentuates specialization in craftsmanship and customs capability​​​.

3. FurnitureRoots

They offer a complete range of hotel furniture, be it lobby, room, or dining area furniture. FurnitureRoots has a product specialization in custom products with project design at the center, and it provides direct manufacturer prices along with wide international shipping. Their unique selling proposition is to blend Affordability with Custom Design​.


Harman Furnishings is a synonym for comfort and style in high-quality and customizable furniture designed for public areas of hotels. This company offers a whole range of products, from lobby furniture and restaurant partition screens to conference room and banquet furniture, not to mention outdoor furniture, down to amenities for swimming pools, spas, and gyms. As a result, Harman boasts of having a team of over one thousand professionals, including experienced craftsmen, and hence, quality to satisfy the customer is paramount.


The luxurious hotel furniture manufacturer provides the most detailed furniture customization, including installation guides and after-sale services. PAKEN has a global brand presence and commitment to excellence, backed by industry certifications​​.

6. UHS

UHS focuses on commercial and hospitality furniture, providing an innovative product configurator for custom designs. Their approach to being unique in safety, sanitation, and durability assures distinctiveness in making sure that the quality of the furniture is safe for the RIGA brand through testing and innovation.

7. Dickson Furniture

This reputed manufacturer is based in the United States and is preferred by many hotel chains as their supplier. Dickson Furniture deals with a product line comprising case goods and soft seating solutions. His attention to local supply and environmentally friendly solutions further develops the quality and sustainability value they put on their products​.

The company is located at the center of the furniture manufacturing nucleus in China. This will be a perfect place for banquet furniture in hotels. They have a professional setup and strategic location that makes them take pride in providing quality furniture at reasonable prices​ ​​.

9. Otel Furnish

Furnishing Otel specializes in hotel interior designs and custom furniture, providing full solutions in the fit-out process of a hotel. They provide services, from changing spaces as per the client’s requirements, from guest rooms to lobbies, and they maintain design consistency​​.

10. Royse Furniture

With experience spanning the globe, Royse Furniture provides custom furnishings on over 230 projects in the hotel industry. “Royse Edge” tries to make an elegant place through custom furniture but at the same time visualizes its ability to bring the vision to life in terms of doing custom design​.

Reasons for Choosing These Suppliers

They Get What Hotels Need:

The suppliers who have to take all matters of the hotel business will be the best. These are the ones who take ideas from the hotel and give life to them. In other words, they listen to someone well and offer solutions in their style.

They’ve Seen It All: 

From outfitting a vast hotel to putting the finishing touches on a boutique inn, the best in the business have done it all. They know how to approach any project, whether large or small.

Quality Is Key:

Everything they offer is made well, from the simplest chair to the most elaborate lobby setup. They focus on making things that look good and last long.

Green Is Great:

We love those suppliers who use planet-protective thinking in the production process. The suppliers will ensure that the materials and processes are friendly to the environment. A benefit that shall accrue will, therefore, be evident to our world and the hotel world.


Furniture is always setting trends, and the world of furniture is dynamic. Only the very best suppliers will be on top of the latest trends, and this means that the hotels always have the latest and the coolest available for them.

Understanding Your Hotel’s Style and Needs

Knowing the specific style and atmosphere you want to create in your hotel. Whether it is modern and minimalistic that one is going in for, aiming at something cozy and classic, or something different, the vision has to be clear when picking the furniture accordingly. One may start by listing all the pieces of furniture required in the various sections of a hotel, e.g., in the lobby, guest rooms, dining area, and those outside.

Indeed, it does help in the planning to ensure that furniture fits the room physically and meets the ambiance you would like to create for your hotel.

Evaluating Supplier Strengths

When choosing a supplier, consider their experience in handling similar projects. This ability will allow the design of your bedroom according to your preferences, and suppliers who have a portfolio of projects, meaning projects similar to your style and requirements, as a rule, can understand and fulfill your needs in the best way. Another advantage is the ability to design furniture according to specific sizes and design preferences.

Quality and durability would have to be two unwavering aspects, taking into account that sound material and the best craftsmanship are used so that furniture is not compromised under rigorous hotel use. Hence, quality and durability are considered non-negotiable by hotels. Environmentally responsible companies would need to look for those who have sustainable options in terms of how the products are made and from what.

Keeping Budget in Mind

Budgeting effectively involves comparing initial quotes from suppliers. Even as you look for the best prices, consider the long-term costs when it comes to the maintenance, durability, and possible replacements that will end up giving you value for your money. High-quality furniture costs a bit more at the point of purchase, but in the long run, it will be very cost-effective, as such furniture will have a long life. Thus, in consideration of the price, total investment over the furniture’s lifespan has to be considered.

Checking References and Reviews

They should be able to give references—contact those people to know about their experience with them before settling on those suppliers. Such direct feedback can offer insight into the reliability of the supplier and the quality of work and customer service. Finally, online reviews and testimonials are other useful sources that allow one to get a good impression of the satisfaction of previous customers and also point out any warning signs or consistently praised aspects of the service from the supplier.


In conclusion, choosing the right hotel public area furniture suppliers is important to create welcoming and memorable spaces for their guests. The ideal supplier should align with the hotel’s aesthetic vision, offer high-quality and sustainable products, and provide excellent customer service. As hotels strive to meet the evolving expectations of modern travelers, the importance of furniture that combines functionality with design cannot be overstated.

Suppliers that understand this balance can enhance the guest experience, making public areas visually appealing but also comfortable and user-friendly. In an increasingly competitive hospitality industry, carefully selecting furniture suppliers can set a hotel apart, ensuring spaces are beautiful and reflecting the hotel’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and guest satisfaction. The right partnership such as Hurman Furniture can transform hotel public areas into inviting spaces that resonate with guests and encourage return visits.

Their commitment to “quality first” and “customer first” principles makes them a reliable partner for hotel furniture needs. For more details, you can visit their website.

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