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About Harman

They are together with Harman, With a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are committed to delivering the highest quality of workmanship and service.

Lighting Contractor

Professional in hotel lighting design,production and installation.

The company’s products cover crystal lamp, room lamp, marble lamp, all copper lighting, European classical lamp, sheepskin lamp, cloth Art lamp, European candle lamp and all kinds of engineering non-standard lighting.


  • Decorative Painting Factory
  • Sculpture factory
  • Cloth factory

According to the overall style and concept of the hotel, the design team invites cooperative artists with matching styles to create key points of the project, so as to maximize the artistic value and presentation effect of the scheme.

Drapery & Curtains

Sofa fabric | Curtain | Bedding | Cushion | Table runner | Bed runner | Soft pack | Hard pack | Wall cloth | Roman curtain | Aluminum shutter | Roller shutter etc.

The Fabric contractor integrates nearly 2,000 manufacturers of fabric products, up to more than a million different materials, different processes of products, can meet customers one-stop procurement services.

Curtain | Window treatment Company has its own factory, advanced imported textile production machines, product research and development team.

Carpet & Rugs

Axminster Carpet | Hand-tufted Carpet | Hand-knotted Carpet |Carpet Tile | Printed Nylon | Customized Carpet
It is the largest woven carpet manufacturer in Western China and China’s TOP10 carpets brand.


Signage company has adhered to the operating philosophy of quality first, the company is mainly engaged in real estate decoration projects, floodlighting projects, and signage projects.

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With all kinds of professional technology, design, research and development and management personnel 873 people, more than ten years of experience of the old craftsmen 173 people. Over the years, the company follows the “quality first; with the tenet of “Customer first”