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We are mainly engaged in high-end hotel furniture projects, large flats and luxury homes, and high-end finely decorated rooms. Our products include: fixed furniture + movable furniture, and provide a full range of services including furniture design, research and development, production, sales, logistics, installation, and after-sales.




Have its own professional designer team (designer team experience: construction + home furnishing experience, furniture design experience; designer working experience: more than ten years; number of personnel: 60 people; team: two groups – divided into fixed furniture design team and movable furniture design team)




Have its own professional R&D team (R&D team experience: international hotel fixed furniture and movable furniture R&D experience, R&D team working experience: more than 12 years; number of personnel: 30 people;)



Has its own production base (covered area: 120,000 square meters; number of workers: 950; number of advantageous workshops: independent hardware workshop + software workshop (air-conditioned room); production line: two independent production lines for fixed furniture and movable furniture; Production capacity: production capacity to deliver 300-400 rooms simultaneously within 2-3 months; environment: dust-free air-conditioned workshop, comfortable, quality guaranteed)




Professional international sales team. (Team members: 15 salesmen + 30 business merchandisers + 8 production merchandisers, quick and timely feedback on issues in various aspects of production before placing orders)



We have our own independent export logistics team (professional international export team + quality inspection team, with rich export experience, which can quickly and timely solve cargo export problems, ensure that furniture products are delivered to the project site in time, and can achieve port-to-port or door-to-door logistics services)




Have your own independent installation team (Team size: 300-400 people, the company’s business is stable, and the installation team is stable. Experience in installing fixed furniture and movable furniture in international five-star hotels.)



It has its own independent after-sales team (the company focuses on product after-sales service and has a local experienced maintenance team at the project location. After the installation is completed, the after-sales team will provide an after-sales service manual and regularly return visits to the product during the after-sales service period. usage, if product quality problems arise, staff at the project location will provide door-to-door service in a timely manner)

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