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A variety of workshops to provide you with protection

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About Harman

Equipment workshop advantages

With dedicated workshops for carpentry, upholstery, finishing, and more, our diverse facilities synergize craftsmanship and efficiency. This multifaceted approach allows us to deliver high-end hotel furniture, custom-tailored to perfection.

Green dust-free workshop

1.6S Management System
2.Central suction system imported from Italy,It cost $1 million,Cover all workshops
3.Circulating sewage treatment system and exhaust gas treatment system
4.Work environment (Environmental protection, dust-free, healthy)

Solid wood workshop

1.Mortise and tenon structure ensures the furniture is stable, durable and has strong load-bearing capacity.
2.The fiberboard uses branded plywood to ensure quality.
3.Harman furniture can reach 45~60cc thick veneer.

paint shop

1. Use environmentally friendly paint, TAIHO
2. The paint process adheres to five basic coatings and three surface coating processes.
3. It needs to be polished after each painting is completed to ensure that the coating is natural, even, delicate and well-defined.

Drying and dustproof workshop

1. Solid wood is dried twice to control the moisture content of the wood below 8% to prevent furniture from deforming and cracking.
2. All wooden furniture should be treated with mothproofing to reduce damage to furniture in many seaside hotels or termite areas in Southeast Asia.

hardware workshop

1.The large hardware workshop is the only hotel furniture factory in Guangdong with a laser engraving machine (CNC).
2.Equipped with its own hardware workshop, it can reduce costs, easily control product quality and control delivery time.
3.Circulating sewage treatment system and exhaust gas treatment system
4.Improve material utilization, reduce unnecessary waste and save costs

Sample Development Workshop

1. Provide pre-production sample services. The factory has a sample development workshop specializing in sample production, and can provide samples of customized hotel furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs, etc.
2. Some fixed wooden boards over two meters long, such as wall panels, extended wardrobe boards, etc., are seamlessly spliced with extended veneers to ensure the fastness of the product.

Finished product packaging workshop

1. The floor of the packaging workshop is covered with a whole carpet to protect the products from collisions and scratches during the process.
2. Multi-layer packaging protection, with four layers of protection including corner protectors, pearl cotton, protective film and polystyrene board
3. Special products, such as kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, marble coffee tables and other products with glass and marble, will have wooden frames nailed to enhance protection.

About Harman

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About Harman

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