Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Project name: Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Project location: Tokyo, Japan

Project type: luxury hotel

Project finish date: The hotel was opened on 2021.

Harman’s roles: Guestroom & Public Area Movable Furniture

Project Details

The Furniture Manufacturer of Luxury 5-star Hotel

Harman is the furniture manufacturer of the luxury 5-star hotel, responsible for the loose furniture of the 882 guest rooms, the indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture, and some of the corridor lounge furniture. Harman as this brand hotel furniture manufacturer and custom tailor furniture supplier, to provide professional services with nearly 20 years of high-end hospitality furniture customization experience.

The furniture products of Harman can cover all furniture types throughout the hotel.

Use Area

  • Public area, lobby, corridor, restaurant, meeting room, banquet room, reception room, gym, spa, outside area.
  • Guest room, foyer, living room, dining room, bed room, washroom , shower room, make-up room, kitchen room.

Harman has participated in many Hotel projects in Japan, such as Japan Fuji Speedway Hotel, Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay, Japan, Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection Hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi, Hilton Yokohama, etc. It is also the owners who see Harman’s dedication to the quality of furniture, as well as the professionalism of the service process, which makes us at the forefront of the high-end hotel custom furniture industry.

Custom Communal Restaurant Furniture

Custom restaurant furniture: dining chair and square table
Harman supplied the high-end restaurant furniture: wood table
Japanese restaurant wood furniture: dining chair
Custom-made lobby lounge furniture lounge chair & round table
Custom tailor lounge area furniture: leisure chair

Bespoke Guest Room Furniture

For Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, Harman strictly follows the requirements of our partners. We always insist on quality control that use imported ash wood for indoor solid wood furniture(bedside table, coffee table, sofa leg, armchair leg, working table, etc.), the best-quality leather and fabric for soft furniture (bed screen, sofa, armchair, TV blackboard, etc.). Furnishing hotel guest rooms involves careful planning and consideration to create a comfortable, functional, and visually appealing space for guests. Here are some steps to effectively furnish hotel guest rooms.

Bespoke master room furniture: king size bed, study desk and study chair
Customizing twin bed in the boutique hotel
Customized three-bed room furniture: sofa, stool and round table supplied by Harman
Harman customizing living room furniture- sofa, leisure chair and stool
Bespoke sofa, armchair and coffee table

Customized Outdoor Furniture

Bespoke outdoor furniture made of teak, is not easy to deform, corrosion and cracking. For the design of guest room furniture, Harman’s design team broke the convention, combining Japanese culture with modern decoration style, making new styles of loose furniture and fixed furniture.

Custom teak wood outdoor furniture

With the continuous expansion of customers, the owners of our furniture quality requirements continue to improve, even in the face of high standards of quality requirements, Harman can also complete the project with high quality. This also makes the business direction of Harman, which was initially positioned as hotel furniture production, need to be constantly adjusted to meet the needs of our customers in different markets. At present, Harman main business expand to villa, resort, penthouse, apartment, restaurant, etc.

Contract Furniture Process

  1. We receive project information from owners, agencies, contractors, designers, or we receive an invitation to tender documents.
  2. FF&E Drawings Received.
  3. Discuss the technical details with the consultant and confirm details.
  4. Then we will start the quotation
  5. Sign the contract.
  6. Shop the product drawing.
  7. Mock-up or prototype production for customers to check.
  8. Bulk furniture full scale factory production.
  9. Products can be packaged after strict inspection and approval.
  10. It comes to the installation of build-in furniture and the placement of movement furniture.
  11. Full site inspection & review.
  12. And after-sales service begins when customer acceptance.

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