Project name: JW MARRIOTT, ChangSha

Project location: ChangSha, China

Project type: luxury hotel

Project finish date: The hotel was opened in 2022.

Harman’s roles: Public Area Movable Furniture

Project Details

Customized Furniture Contractor for the Public Area Loose Furniture

As the customized furniture contractor for the public area loose furniture of the five-star hotel in JW MARRIOTT, ChangSha, Harman has continuously communicated with the owner, discussed and modified the details of the furniture, provided professional furniture advice for the owner, and personally considered the interests of the owner, presented the best quality custom furniture scheme, as well as the selection of materials to extend the service life of the furniture.

Why choose Harman?

  • Full custom: custom size, custom color and all the details can be customized.
  • Cost saving: Harman buys raw materials in bulk & has its own hardware workshop. Ensure materials are supplied on time and in quantity, reduce the cost.
  • Strictly control the quality of furniture: Our products are made by skilled technicians with professional training. It is reasonable arrangement of wooden board materials and other materials in different parts of the furniture. The raw materials and accessories used are strictly selected high-quality materials. 

Sample Development Workshop

  1. Before the formal production of furniture, Harman furniture will provide pre-production sample service, and the factory is equipped with a sample development workshop specializing in the production of samples, which can not only provide Hotel bespoke furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs and other samples, but also provide Build-in furniture samples such as wall wood panel, build-in wardrobe and others joinery Furniture .
  2. Some fixed wood panel more than two meters, such as wall panel, extended wardrobe panel or extended door panels, use lengthened veneer seamless splicing to ensure the fastness of the product, lengthened plywood can do 3.66 meters, lengthened veneer can do 3.8 meters.
pre-production sample
Product details

Customized Public Area Loose Furniture

The hotel lobby
Customized lobby lounge area furniture: sofa, coffee table
Harman bespoke restaurant furniture
Couture rectangular dining table
Contract private dining room furniture: dining chair & dining table
Custom-made L-shape sofa, stool and leisure chair supplied by Harman
Bespoke marble coffee table
The reception room furniture supplied by Harman
Custom cabinet details
Customizing lounge chair, metal coffee table and sofa
Harman customized dining table
Customizing wood dining chair details

With the smooth opening of the hotel, the cooperation between Harman and JW Marriott brand hotels has been further deepened. In addition to domestic, we also have cooperation projects with JW Marriott hotels abroad. Such as JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa and JW Marriott Hotel Guadalajara. Of course, we hope to continue to expand the cooperation market with this hotel brand, so that Harman Furniture can appear around the world and promote our Chinese furniture manufacturing to the international market.

Contract Furniture Process

  1. We receive project information from owners, agencies, contractors, designers, or we receive an invitation to tender documents.
  2. FF&E Drawings Received.
  3. Discuss the technical details with the consultant and confirm details.
  4. Then we will start the quotation
  5. Sign the contract.
  6. Shop the product drawing.
  7. Mock-up or prototype production for customers to check.
  8. Bulk furniture full scale factory production.
  9. Products can be packaged after strict inspection and approval.
  10. It comes to the installation of build-in furniture and the placement of movement furniture.
  11. Full site inspection & review.
  12. And after-sales service begins when customer acceptance.

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