Shangri-La Hotel Colombo

Project name: Shangri-La Hotel Colombo

Project location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Project type: luxury hotel

Project finish date: The hotel was opened 2017.

Harman’s roles: Guestroom & Public Area Movable furniture & Build-in Furniture

Project Details

The Luxury 5-star Hotel Furniture Contractor

Harman is the contractor of this luxury hotel’s interior furniture customization. We provide professional furniture services to the owners with a highly serious and responsible working attitude. The hotel has 533 rooms and suites, we received an FF&E from the owner of the 5-star hospitality. In order to better promote cooperation, our project leaders actively communicate with the owners about the details of furniture, understand the objective needs, and provide the most professional bespoke furniture opinions. It can be said without exaggeration that as a leader in the customization of high-end hotel furniture, Harman has more than 20 years of furniture experience, from interior furniture design, material selection, manufacturing and installation to provide the most suitable solution for customers.

Shangri-La Hotel Colombo appearance

Custom Public Area Furniture

The overall decoration style of the hotel is mainly fresh and elegant, and most of the public areas such as the lobby and restaurant have high floors. When designing the indoor activity furniture of the hotel, Harman mainly focuses on simplicity, making guests feel comfortable and relaxed when entering the hotel, and providing guests with different accommodation experience.

Indoor restaurant furniture- square table, dining chair
Custom all day dining restaurant- rattan armchair, square dining table, sofa
Harman bespoke restaurant furniture- rectangular table
Bespoke wood restaurant furniture-square dining table, chair
Indoor restaurant furniture- metal dining table and chair
Dining Venues customized furniture
Couture bar furniture in the high-end hotel including wood chair, round table
Custom meeting room furniture- rectangular table
Banquet room furniture supplied by Harman

Tailor made Guest room Furniture

The room faces the sea, where the azure sea merges with the sky. Sit in a comfortable and beautiful armchair of high quality made by Harman and enjoy the visual feast given by nature.

Bespoke King room furniture including bed, bedbench, bedside table, lounge chair
Customizing Twin room furniture-headboard, armchair, coffee table, study desk supplied by Harman
Custom-made leisure chair in the Queen room
Grand Executive suite living room furniture- sofa, stool, side table
Kitchen furniture hanging cabinet & base cabinet supplied by Harman

With the continuous expansion of customers, the owners of our furniture quality requirements continue to improve, even in the face of high standards of quality requirements, Harman can also complete the project with high quality. This also makes the business direction of Harman, which was initially positioned as hotel furniture production, need to be constantly adjusted to meet the needs of our customers in different markets. At present, Harman main business expand to villa, resort, penthouse, apartment, restaurant, etc.

Contract Furniture Process

  1. We receive project information from owners, agencies, contractors, designers, or we receive an invitation to tender documents.
  2. FF&E Drawings Received.
  3. Discuss the technical details with the consultant and confirm details.
  4. Then we will start the quotation
  5. Sign the contract.
  6. Shop the product drawing.
  7. Mock-up or prototype production for customers to check.
  8. Bulk furniture full scale factory production.
  9. Products can be packaged after strict inspection and approval.
  10. It comes to the installation of build-in furniture and the placement of movement furniture.
  11. Full site inspection & review.
  12. And after-sales service begins when customer acceptance.

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