Sofitel Barcelona Skipper

Project name: Sofitel Barcelona Skipper

Project location: Barcelona, Spain

Project type: luxury hotel

Project finish date: The hotel was opened in 2022.

Harman’s roles: Guestroom & Public Area Movable Furniture

Project Details

Couture Furniture Supplier for 5-star Hospitality

As a couture furniture supplier for a 5-star hospitality in Barcelona, Spain, Harman Furniture Group is proud to present our work on this project. The hotel has 225 guest rooms and 4 restaurants.

Loose Furniture

  • Public Area: armchair, sofa, dining chair, square dining table, bar metal high chair, outdoor rattan lounge chair, wood chair, teak wood chair & table
  • Guest Room: bed, bedside table, study desk, study chair, chaise lounge, coffee table, round marble table

Our business is not only the general contract of new hotels but also the renovation of hotels. As the supplier and manufacturing factory of furniture renovation for this five-star hotel event.We carefully read every details of the project sent by the customer, from BOQ to the proofreading of the drawings, we repeatedly confirmed the material, size and process of each product with the designer.

Harman can provide furniture in those area:

  • Public area, lobby, corridor, restaurant, meeting room, banquet room, reception room, gym, spa, outside area.
  • Guest room, foyer, living room, dining room, bed room, washroom , shower room, make-up room, kitchen room.

From the selection of raw materials, sample development, workmanship, finished product quality inspection, experienced masters on-site installation of solid furniture, detailed protection of finished furniture transportation process, and then to the anti-collision protection of the on-site placement process, every detail is seriously and rigorously treated. From getting the customer FF&E information, to the finished furniture perfectly delivered to the customer, every employee in every department of our company is very attentive service. 

The hotel appearance

Bespoke Public Area Furniture

According to customer requirements, the outdoor wooden furniture is made of teak, teak wood is firm and durable, excellent texture in various environments are not easy to deformation, corrosion and cracking is very suitable for outdoor wooden furniture material. Harman Furniture uses high-quality imported solid wood, mortise and tenon structure process to ensure that the furniture is durable, strong load-bearing capacity. 

High-end hotel reception desk
Customizing restaurant high chair
Harman custom booths, wood dining table and fabric chair
Custom tailor restaurant furniture-wood table and chair
Luxury private bar room- bar stools and rectangular table
Customizing outdoor furniture- wood sofa, teak wood coffee table
Outdoor restaurant furniture- wood dining table and dining chair
Harman supplied balcony restaurant furniture

Customizing Guest Room Furniture

Queen room furniture- bed, armchair and coffee table
Custom-made living room furniture- leisure chair
Harman bespoke round dining table
Wood wardrobe supplied by Harman

Harman Furniture is a high-end furniture manufacturing and hospitality furniture wholesale with extensive international experience and more than 300 projects successfully executed over the world. For over 20 years Harman have been supporting the Villa & resort, commercial apartment, brand hotel, penthouse, boutique finished house, etc. luxury customized furniture.

Contract Furniture Process

  1. We receive project information from owners, agencies, contractors, designers, or we receive an invitation to tender documents.
  2. FF&E Drawings Received.
  3. Discuss the technical details with the consultant and confirm details.
  4. Then we will start the quotation
  5. Sign the contract.
  6. Shop the product drawing.
  7. Mock-up or prototype production for customers to check.
  8. Bulk furniture full scale factory production.
  9. Products can be packaged after strict inspection and approval.
  10. It comes to the installation of build-in furniture and the placement of movement furniture.
  11. Full site inspection & review.
  12. And after-sales service begins when customer acceptance.

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