The Ritz-Carlton, Melbourne

Project name:The Ritz-Carlton, Melbourne

Project location: Melbourne, Australia

Project type: luxury Hotel

Project finish date: The hotel was opened in 2022.

Harman’s roles: Guestroom & Public Area Movable & Build-in Furniture

Project Details

The High-end Hospitality Customized Furniture Supplier

Harman Furniture Group was fortunate to participate in the bidding for the hotel project and eventually became the customized furniture supplier for 257 rooms and public areas of The Ritz-Carlton, Melbourne. Located on floors 65 to 79, guest rooms and suites are imbued with residential comfort and offer sweeping views over Melbourne. 

In this project, we participated in the design of hotel interior loose furniture, as well as the manufacture and installation of fixed furniture. Since the customer sent FF&E, our employees have fully played their responsibilities and used their professional knowledge of furniture customization to provide customers with the best quality service. The style of the whole hotel is unique modern flavor, simple with a little luxury, very suitable for tourism or business.

Bespoke Public Area Furniture

The wall decoration of the fixed furniture in the public area is walnut wood color, and it is still a choice of plywood veneer, the service life is twice that of MDF, and the large area of dark furniture gives the guests a mysterious and advanced feeling. We choose light-colored materials in the design of activity furniture, such as light gray, beige, light coffee, etc., the two are quite artistic. The foot of the chair and the base we choose is the solid wood mortise and tenon structure, durable and beautiful.

Custom fixed furniture- reception desk
All Day Dining Restaurant bespoke armchair made by Harman
Lobby lounge customized double seat sofa & lounge chair made by Harman
Custom tailor sofa and leisure chair- Harman Furniture Group
Restaurant furniture- dining chair, round table
High quality office chair- Meeting room custom made furniture
Lounge Area contract furniture- square table, round table and leisure chair
Customzing build-in furniture- Multilayer plate, wardrobe, base cabinet

Couture Guest Room Furniture

The furniture design of the rooms took into account the coordination of the decoration of the entire hotel, so the color of the headboard and the outer metal structure echo, the color of the pillow of the chaise longer and the leisure chair are the same as that of the public area, so as to achieve the combination of the inside and the outside.

King size bed, bed bench, bedside table made by Harman
Custom chaise lounge- Twin room loose furniture
Bookshelf & base cabinet made by Harman- The customized fixed furniture
Walk-in closet- Couture wardrobe, dressing table
Contract study desk and study chair made by Harman
Bespoke rectangular dining table and armchair- Living room furniture
Execusive Family Suite living room furniture- lounge chair, sofa and coffee table
Customized leisure chair, coffee table and dining table in Grand deluxe suite living- By Harman

As a furniture factory that strictly follows the customer’s wishes, we will make pre-production samples before the formal mass production, and ensure that all aspects of the details are OK with the customer. After the completion of production, we have a professional installation team of about 200 people to the site for the installation of build-in furniture. Spend nearly a year to complete the installation of fixed furniture, and then carry out a on-site cleaning, place our loose furniture.

Contract Furniture Process

  1. We receive project information from owners, agencies, contractors, designers, or we receive an invitation to tender documents.
  2. FF&E Drawings Received.
  3. Discuss the technical details with the consultant and confirm details.
  4. Then we will start the quotation
  5. Sign the contract.
  6. Shop the product drawing.
  7. Mock-up or prototype production for customers to check.
  8. Bulk furniture full scale factory production.
  9. Products can be packaged after strict inspection and approval.
  10. It comes to the installation of build-in furniture and the placement of movement furniture.
  11. Full site inspection & review.
  12. And after-sales service begins when customer acceptance.

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