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On May 31, Harman Furniture Organized Team-building Activity

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Team cohesion becomes one of the key factors of enterprise success. Harman Furniture’s International Marketing Department organized a team-building event on May 31. In order to deepen the mutual understanding among employees, stimulate the potential of the team, and enhance the overall efficiency of collaboration. This group building is not only a simple outing, but also a convergence of hearts and strength.

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Team-building Activity

To ensure the smooth progress of the activity, the host briefly introduced the game and the rules of the game, and encouraged everyone to actively participate in and help each other, give play to the team spirit of sincere unity and close cooperation, and the activity was full of laughter and laughter, and spent a relaxing, pleasant and unforgettable time together.

The outdoor activities have been a complete success, not only to enhance the friendship and trust between employees, but also to improve the ability of teamwork. Through this activity, everyone more deeply realized the importance of teamwork, realized that everyone is an indispensable member of the team, everyone said that the whole process of the activity was wonderful, everyone’s body and mind were greatly relaxed, but also expressed: “This activity is not only an unforgettable team building trip, but also a team spirit of the exercise and improvement.” In the future, the company will continue to organize similar activities, and will take this opportunity to build a team building activity as an effective starting point to build a communication platform for employees, enhance happiness and sense of belonging, and build a good situation of harmonious progress and common development of Harman Furniture.

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