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Furniture Upgrading of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Harman Furniture Overseas Office in Singapore is pleased to announce that for the first time, we have undertaken the furniture upgrading project of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore. This is a significant collaboration in which we provide high-quality, well-designed furniture for this prestigious hotel. The hotel reopened in September 2023.

The hotel is an international five-star hotel, is one of the world’s famous luxury hotels, in 2005 the hotel was the famous British travel magazine “Conde Nast Traveller” as “the world’s best overseas hotel” top three. It is also the “Accommodation and Spa Five-star Hotel” in Singapore for 10 years. This award-winning hotel is ideally located close to the financial center and within walking distance of luxury boutiques and entertainment venues.

We know that Mandarin Oriental, as one of Singapore’s iconic buildings, has a very high demand for furniture. Therefore, we go all out to ensure that every piece of furniture fits perfectly into the overall design of the hotel and provides guests with an unparalleled comfort experience.

Our team creates a unique collection of furniture for Mandarin Oriental Hotel with great creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. We bring our expertise and experience to bear to ensure that every piece of furniture meets the hotel’s high standards and unique style.

Using the highest quality materials, we combine modern and traditional elements to create stunning furniture pieces. Each piece of furniture will demonstrate our extreme attention to detail, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere for the hotel.

Harman Furniture is very proud to partner with Mandarin Oriental Hotel and we will do our best to bring amazing furniture works to the hotel. We are confident that this partnership will add a unique charm to the hotel and provide guests with an unforgettable stay.

Hotel room area fixed furniture – wall backboard, TV background wood wall panel, wallpaper

Hotel Room Area Loose Furniture – Custom double bed, Single bed, Custom sofa, Coffee table, foyer table and decorative painting

Harman Furniture factory arranges the production of custom furniture in Mandarin Oriental Hotel according to the schedule. The factory has produced some furniture, and each piece of furniture can be shipped after carefully examined by the quality control department.