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Fuzhou Rongqiao Bund No. 1 (Mansions on the Bund)

a)Project name: Fuzhou Rongqiao Bund No. 1 (Mansions on the Bund)
b)Location: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (beside Minjiang River, the mother river of Fuzhou)
c)Project Type: Hardcover Apartment
d)Client/sponsor:Fuzhou Dimeng Trade Co., LTD/Rongqiao Real Estate
e)Project size: The construction area is about 247,600 square meters
f)Project budget: Furniture awarded 8,145,893 USD
g) Project start and finish dates: The project began in 2021 and finish at the end of 2023.
h)Harman’s roles and responsibilities:

Roles:Hardcover apartment fixed furniture service

Since 2021, Harman Furniture has been undertaking high-end residential furniture design, production and installation projects of Building 1, 2 and 3 of Water City of Jiangnan 5C project in Fuzhou Rongqiao Bund No. 1. The project has a total of three buildings, each with nearly 40 floors. During the contract period, Harman is responsible for the fix furniture design, production and installation in master rooms, guest rooms, living rooms, Kitchen, dining rooms and washrooms .The solid installation furniture services provided by Harman not only include wall wood finishes, hardcover wallpaper, TV background wallpaper, bed background wall panel, wooden doors/sliding doors, door covers, etc., but also include wardrobe, storage cabinets, Basin, bathroom cabinets (including mirror cabinets), bookcases, decorative cabinets, shoe cabinets, TV cabinets and other solid installation cabinet products.

Harman provides high-end luxury furniture customization services for the project. The service process starts from efficient communication in the early stage of the project, fine measurement, deepening of drawings, selection of materials to the standardized production of the factory, and then shipped to the site with the installation team splicing and assembling, installing doors, wall wood finishes, etc. Every detail provides personalized customized furniture “one-to-one” fine services. The project will be perfectly delivered to the owner by the end of 2023.

Harman Responsibilities:
1.In accordance with the contract agreement, according to the drawings, provide the customer with the supply of furniture items in the location specified by the customer during the contract period.It should include furniture name, specification, style, quantity, unit price, raw materials and other detailed attachment table.
2.According to the specific requirements of customer customized furniture, furniture deepening diagram is made.
3.Responsible for the quality control of finished furniture, and complete the production, delivery and placement of related work on schedule.