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Hilton Yala Resort

a)Project name: Hilton Yala Resort
b)Location:Palatupana, Yala, Tissamaharama, 95000, Sri Lanka
c)Project Type: Resorts Hotel
d)Client/sponsor:Melwa Hotel & Resorts
Project size: Totally 42 rooms (stylish rooms, suites, and villas ), 3 Restaurants, and outside swimming pools and other facilities.
e)Project budget:Furniture awarded 2,743,030 USD
f)Project start and finish dates:The project starts in 2020 and ends in 2023.

Roles:Guestroom & Public Area Loose & Fixed Furniture
Hilton Yala Resort project began in 2020. Harman Furnishing provides a full range of hotel furniture customization services, from project drawing docking, custom furniture production, transportation to on-site installation.

Harman provides customized furniture for resort hotels with guest room loose furniture and public area activity furniture customization, such as guest room bed, sofa, chair, curtain, bed chair, carpet; Living room sofa, coffee table, armchair, desk, art painting, minibar; Outdoor balcony chair, outdoor coffee table, sunshade; Dining table, dining chair in the public area restaurant, sofa and coffee table in the lounge area of the public area lobby bar; Conference tables, chairs, etc., in the reception room;

The customization of fixed furniture includes the room cabinet, wall panel fixed installation, public area reception counter, public area wallpaper, etc., including the bed screen, bed background, TV background wall, fixed wardrobe, entry door, coat closet, safe cabinet, mini kitchen cabinet, hanging cabinet, bathroom wash basin cabinet, wall mirror; Public area lobby reception desk, public area restaurant checkout counter, as well as the entire guest room and public area wall wood panel and wall hardcover wallpaper and other fixed installation customization.

Harman furnishing not only provides the production of customized furniture, but also uses its own logistics team to deliver all furniture to the project site safely and quickly after the production is completed. Before the furniture is entered into the project site, the site construction team of Harman has entered the project site in advance, with a total of 340 people, to ensure that all areas can be installed simultaneously, and ensure that the furniture is installed and placed in accordance with quality and quantity. And before opening, complete the final cleaning and inspection work. In September 2023, the project was delivered perfectly, and Hilton Yala Resort was successfully opened on October 16, 2023.

Harman Responsibilities:
1.In accordance with the contract agreement, according to the drawings, provide the customer with the supply of furniture items in the location specified by the customer during the contract period.It should include furniture name, specification, style, quantity, unit price, raw materials and other detailed attachment table.
2.According to the specific requirements of customer customized furniture, furniture deepening diagram is made.
3.Responsible for the quality control of finished furniture, and complete the production, delivery and placement of related work on schedule.